Your Year-End Gift to BCCS Will Have an Exponentially Positive Impact

Your Year-End Gift to BCCS Will Have an Exponentially Positive Impact

As 2023 comes to a close, we can look back at a very exciting year for BCCS. We were awarded several grants, including $750,000 to bring behavioral health and medical care to Delaware’s most vulnerable populations, as well as support for harm-reduction efforts such as the distribution of test strips to detect fentanyl and xylazine. We partnered with CHESS Health to provide our clients with 24/7 on-demand online support.

The grants and partnerships are critical to supporting and expanding our behavioral health services, and we’re very grateful for them. But we also rely upon individual donations from community members. With our nation in an opioid epidemic and a mental health crisis, your support is needed more than ever. 

As a nonprofit, we don’t place our services where they generate the most revenue; we go where we’re most needed, reaching people others don’t. We provide mental health and substance use disorder treatments whether or not an individual has the means to pay. In doing so, we catch many of the people who would otherwise fall through the cracks in our healthcare system. As a community-based behavioral health provider, we  offer everyone convenient, confidential access to treatment and counseling they can trust.

By treating individuals, we strengthen the community. We help our clients find hope and purpose, providing opportunities for them to mend relationships with family and friends, support themselves, and contribute to their community. Our harm reduction programs reduce overdoses and lower the incidence of diseases such as HIV. 

All of this depends upon a wide range of support, including individual donations. Between Giving Tuesday, holiday drives, and year-end planning, you’ll have many giving opportunities in the coming weeks. Please consider including BCCS in your year-end charitable giving. When you support BCCS, you fund actions that deliver positive changes across Delaware. 

Your support helps:

  • Ensure that someone is there in the cold, predawn winter hours to open the doors to those who are counting on BCCS to help them, one day at a time, on their personal recovery journeys.
  • Provide a peer counselor for the client in a mental health crisis who lost their health insurance, giving them the strength to hang on while we help them obtain needed prescription medications and counseling and access to social services support.
  • Enable a person with behavioral health needs to remain employed through our outpatient services.
  • Show a way back up to the person whose pain prescription spiraled them downward into substance misuse disorder.
  • Give at-risk youth and their caregivers the support so the young person can live at home and stay in school.
  • Offer a safe, warm place where an unhoused family can have the dignity of a shower, a place to do laundry and access to an emergency food pantry and a computer. 
  • Prevent the first-time DUI offender from becoming a repeat offender. 
  • Bring counseling and treatment to our most vulnerable and underserved populations, reaching them where they are.
  • Provide a court-approved alternative to incarceration for the first-time substance-misuse offender who can successfully complete a drug diversion program and consecutively test negative. 
  • Make clean syringes available to the intravenous drug user who has not found their recovery path, reducing the transmission of HIV, hepatitis, and other diseases.
  • Reduce the risk or onset of substance misuse among youth through an evidence-based curriculum.
  • Affirm that individuals living with mental illness have the ability to recover, grow, and prosper.
  • Rebuild families affected by substance use and break the generational impact of substance use through perinatal programs.

These and BCCS’s many other programs and services exist because of community support. When you multiply each of those programs by the hundreds and hundreds of Delawareans directly and indirectly impacted, you see that your contribution to BCCS will have an exponentially positive effect.

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