POP | Peer Outreach for Prevention


Did you know that millions of teens have had sex. Was it safe? …Planned? …Wanted?

Young adults 18-24 are constantly trying to manage difficult decisions about sex, drugs, alcohol, and life in general. Our POP (Peer Outreach for Prevention) program gives them a safe and open place to talk about how they can make good decisions when faced with difficult choices. From safe sex practices, to what STDs are, to how to talk with a partner or parents about awkward topics, POP gives young adults a chance to help each other talk through tough topics and make choices that impact their lives in a positive way.

BCCS POP is comprised of young adults from all three counties in Delaware. POP has a lot of fun, while also learning and promoting prevention, and everything is free!

Are you a young adult between the ages of 18 and 24 who wants to become more involved in your community? Join POP!


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