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Let us serve your community through Prevention, Education, and Treatment Presentations.

Brandywine Counseling and Community Service’s Prevention Department will tailor any presentation to meet the needs of your community.

We provide accurate information related to substance use and abuse, HIV/STD prevention, healthy relationships, fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, and alternatives to violence.

Presentations are available for all age groups, and can be coordinated in concurrent sessions with youth and their parents/caregivers.

The BCCS Prevention Department offers the following:

Prevention Presentations – Lecture Format

BCCS Prevention staff will provide a presentation and allow time for discussion. Staff meticulously prepares each presentation with information relevant to the audience.

BCCS Interactive Presentations

BCCS Prevention staff provides a variety of interactive presentations for students to teach them about the dangers of substance abuse and related topics. Presentation include
the ‘drunk goggles,’ which are goggles designed to show levels of impairment. Goggles are used in conjunction with floor mats that resembles stairs and sidewalks so youth can experience the effects of substance use. We also utilize the interactive ‘Wheel of Misfortune,’ which allows the participants to spin a wheel with multiple scenarios/consequences.

BCCS Lunch and Learns

Lunch and learns are usually completed in conjunction with presentations. BCCS staff set up
an information table in an accessible location (such as a cafeteria or gymnasium) for further student interaction. We also offer educational prevention materials and giveaways such as thumb drives, earbuds, pens, sling bags, water bottles, etc. All materials have positive prevention messages.

Please contact 302-504-5930  or us the contact page for more information.

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