Outpatient Program


Our Outpatient Program provides individual and group counseling, recovery planning, and support for individuals needing treatment for substance use, mental illness, and co-occurring disorders,

Individual counseling is a collaborative process that supports the client’s progress toward mutually determined treatment goals and objectives. Counseling includes methods that are sensitive to the client’s individual characteristics and cultural and social needs. During individual sessions, counselors work with clients to establish realistic goals consistent with achieving and maintaining recovery and sound mental health, promote positive change in substance use behaviors, and help clients identify and practice strategies to maintain treatment progress, reduce high-risk behaviors, and prevent relapse.

Counselors work with clients to recognize and discourage behaviors inconsistent with progress toward treatment goals, and encourage and reinforce actions that are beneficial. Counselors utilize evidence-based and client-centered practices to support the development of basic life skills associated with substance use recovery, mental illness, and co-occurring disorders, and adapt counseling strategies to the needs of the individual.


  • Outpatient Intake Information

  • Criteria for Enrollment: 18 years of age or older, and seeking outpatient treatment for substance abuse, mental health, or co-occurring disorders.

    Process: Prospective Outpatient Program clients should call their nearest BCCS Treatment Center to schedule an assessment appointment. Providers can schedule an appointment through DTRN.

    Bring: A government issued photo ID and insurance information (if applicable).

    Outpatient Program Assessments:

    Lancaster Ave Treatment Center(302) 656-2348
    Newark Treatment Center(302) 454-3020
    Dover Treatment Center(302) 760-5320
    Milford Treatment Center(302) 856-4700
    Georgetown Treatment Center(302) 217-5168


  • IOP Information

  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) services are available to clients in the Outpatient Program and in the Opioid Treatment Program (OTP).

    IOP is offered to clients who find they may need additional support above and beyond traditional services, but do not meet the criteria for an inpatient level of care. IOP groups meet three (3) hours per day, three (3) days per week, and follow a structured curriculum. Clients also participate in individual counseling sessions.

    The benefits of an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) program include:

    ● Clients may maintain their daily activities and responsibilities, such as attending work, being with their families, and enjoying the comfort of their own home

    ● Increased opportunities to establish community-based supports

    ● IOP offer clients the ability to practice the coping skills learned in a safe, real-world environment

    ● Clients enrolled in IOP may have a lower potential for relapse than those who choose to abstain from treatment programs. Due to increased support from staff and clients going through similar experiences, clients are less likely to start using again

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