First Stop | DUI First Offender Program

The First Stop DUI First Offender Program is for individuals who obtained a DUI and completed the DUI Screening and Referral Program (DSARP). Individuals are referred to either an education program or outpatient treatment services based on the screening completed by DSARP staff. The First Stop program is a minimum of 8 weeks.

BCCS offers the First Stop program at our Wilmington (1600 Washington St), Dover (S. Bay Road), and Georgetown locations. Services are available in both mornings and evenings.

Participants must pay for all services – insurance is not accepted for the First Stop DUI program.

The cost of the education program is $400.00.

The cost of the outpatient program is $1,000.00.

A missed urine drug screen or positive urine drug screen results in an additional $35 fee payable by the First Stop DUI client. A missed or positive urine drug screen also puts a participant at risk of being discharged ‘at risk.’ Additionally, there is a $35 fee payable by the First Stop DUI client for any diluted urine sample.

Individuals referred to the education program complete one (1) group per week. Individuals referred to the outpatient treatment program complete two (2) groups per week.
Participants are required to submit a minimum of two (2) random urine drug screens, though more can be requested by staff.

First Stop participants are required to attend all scheduled groups and sessions. If a participant misses a session there is an additional $50 charge. If a participant misses two (2) sessions consecutively or three (3) sessions in total they will be discharged from the program “at risk.”

In addition, participants are required to attend a minimum of two (2) support groups and complete a pre- and post-test to test their knowledge of DUI laws in the state of Delaware. Participants must score 80% or higher to pass the test.

In the event a participant is discharged ‘at risk,‘ they will receive instructions from staff to satisfy the discharge.

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