Hopes & Dreams | Peer Support & Resource Center


BCCS HOPES & DREAMS Peer Support & Resource Center in Dover, DE is a recovery learning community built upon the philosophy that all individuals living with mental illness have the ability to recover, grow, and prosper. BCCS is proud to support these individuals and assist in facilitating their recovery.

HOPES & DREAMS embraces the peer recovery support model, and provides certified peer support resources and traditional drop-in center services to the community. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Assistance with identifying recovery needs, and developing recovery plans and wellness goals
  • Advocacy in accessing recovery-based services
  • Encourages and supports community integration strategies such as assisting with job searches, connecting individuals to community and social services, and supporting events and activities that inspire integrated community living
  • Helping individuals develop personal diversion and crisis plans
  • Provide peer-involved recovery groups, and available peer recovery support specialists to assist in resource sharing and referrals

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