RTR | Resist the Risk

BCCS Resist the Risk

Resist the Risk (RTR) is a comprehensive BCCS Prevention Program that focuses on preventing and reducing the onset of substance misuse in youth and young adults in Delaware. RTR offers evidence-based curriculums and alternative activities for youth and young adults to develop and enhance their communication skills, coping skills, and overall personal development.

RTR offers the following curriculums:

    • Botvin Life Skills: A 10-week comprehensive program that helps students develop skills that help them enhance self-esteem, develop problem-solving abilities, reduce stress and anxiety, and manage anger. Botvin LifeSkills Training also helps build effective defenses against pressures to use tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs. This curriculum is available for students in grades 7-12.


    • Say It Straight: An interactive 8-week curriculum that encourages participants to enhance their communication skills. Through role-playing activities, participants will learn to effectively “Say it Straight” and avoid using disempowering behaviors and language. This curriculum is available for students in grades 5-12, as well as young adults ages 18-24.


  • Project Alcohol/Drug-Free: An interactive curriculum that utilizes hands-on projects to spread awareness and educate youth on substance use. This curriculum is available for students in grades K-12

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