SQUAD | Students on a Quest Uniting Against Drugs/Alcohol


Did you know that by age 15 about 33% of teens have had at least one drink? (source) Why do teens drink alcohol – and how is the BCCS SQUAD addressing it?

The BCCS SQUAD (Students on a Quest Against Drugs/Alcohol) outreach uses a peer-delivery approach to teens ages 13-17 to emphasize the importance of being educated and knowledgeable about drugs and alcohol, HIV, HCV, and other high-risk behaviors. Through emerging practices in youth engagement, BCCS involves teens in discussions and activities to make them aware of the dangers of high-risk behaviors, and teaches them how to say ‘no’ to peers and friends. The goal is to help youth feel empowered to share their knowledge with their peers, because knowledge is power!

The BCCS SQUAD is comprised of high school students from all three counties in Delaware. The SQUAD has a great time, while also promoting education and prevention, and everything is free!

Are you a teen between the ages of 13 to 17? Are you interested in becoming more involved in your community? Join the SQUAD!

Are you interested in becoming a VIP SQUAD member for your school? As a VIP SQUAD member, you’ll help spread the important message about drug and alcohol abuse prevention at your school. It’s also a great way to meet other dedicated students your age and participate in fun educational events!

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