Mission & Vision


BCCS is a welcoming and innovative organization that contributes to stronger communities. We enhance quality of life by creatively providing Education, Prevention, Early Intervention, Treatment, and Justice-Involved Services. It is with integrity that we promote hope and empowerment to persons and families touched by mental illness, substance use, HIV and multiple occurring diagnosis, and their related challenges.


At BCCS, our vision is to be the preferred, most trusted, welcoming, and accessible behavioral health community resource in Delaware to transform individuals, families, and communities through our innovative Education, Prevention, Early Intervention, Treatment, and Justice-Involved Services.


BCCS has chosen these core values to guide our actions and behaviors: Recovery, Welcoming, Hope, Empowerment, Integrity and Innovation.


A process of change that permits an individual to make healthy choices and improve the quality of his or her life. Individuals are unique; pathways to recovery are personal and may require a variety of formal and informal sources of support.


We are committed to creating a comforting environment. Everyone — staff and customers — is provided a foundation of safety where they can express themselves freely. All clients are treated with dignity and respect regardless of how they come to us, and they are consistently reminded that we are here for them to guide them through their journey.


One of our most important tasks is to make a difference in the lives of those we serve. We do this by reminding people that there is hope. We show them that they have the ability to transform their thinking and their lives. We remind them that a better future is within their reach.


We work to ensure that the clients we serve are valued and respected. We are humbled daily by their tenacity and drive. We create the opportunity for exploration, while we continuously assess our personal and professional growth to best assist and serve. We meet them where they are, we honor their input, and we respect their right to guide their treatment.


BCCS has a long-term commitment to therapeutic integrity and quality of care. We remain empathetic, supportive, and empowering by always upholding our ethical standards.


In order to capitalize on teachable moments for our customers and our staff, we practice self-realization through learning. We remain responsive to the changing needs of our customers and the best practices of our field; learning, creating, and applying what works to provide the highest quality of services.